Grocery / Retail tug / Shopping Cart Mover              

*Since 1994

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The Cart Mule shopping cart mover. Is there an Injury Claim waiting to happen in Your Parking Lot? The old way of retrieving shopping carts presents a very high risk for back and wrist injuries and workers comp claims The Cart Mule allows any age group to easily retrieve supermarket and grocery store shopping carts without fear of fatigue or over exertion. The Cart Mule is a necessary piece of grocery store and supermarket equipment that every store manager, that has shopping carts to attend, needs as standard equipment. The Cart Mule also helps protect employees from injuries and helps your department store reduce worker's comp claims and helps reduce workers comp lawsuits due to human injury moving shopping carts. Your store could also reduce lawsuits due to customer's automobile damages in your parking lot from shopping carts. Why is this such an innovative idea? Because, currently shopping carts are retrieved by employees who typically string the carts into as large a queue as they feel they can handle, and then push them through the parking lot back to the store. All to often, these employees tax their abilities beyond their limit, adding undo stress to their bodies and running the risk of injuring themselves, or striking parked cars and/or customers. The Cart Mule does away with these problems, making cart retrieval easy, fast, and SAFE! prednisone poison ivy emedicine


Cart Mule shopping cart mover pulls the load allowing any age to push or pull effortlessly. does provera and clomid work Cart Mule push Remote moving carts since 1994. ventolin inhaler administration
Cart Mule push and pull combo moving carts in light snow. whats best viagra cialis or levitra Pushing and pulling shopping carts in the Rain is no problem with the Cart Mule product line.
Cart Mule moving retail shopping carts at walmart.  Motorized cart mule moving long line of shopping carts at a retail store. all accutane side effects