Featured Product: The Monster Mule push remote/ Pull Combo


The Built tough Material Handling truck!! contact us for details on the 2 year warranty for this and all of the Cart Mule Product line units. 

  • Load capacity: 20,000 lbs Can be geared to move up to 50 tons | Duty Cycle: 13hr Recharge from full discharge: 8 to 10 hr

The Monster Cart mule was designed to be compact, rugged and tough. With two independent drive systems and pivot bar that allows better traction, the cart mule can move large wheeled loads like a truck, but is smaller than a forklift. 

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The Cart Mules tow bar and front push bar is equipped with horizontal and vertical flexibility, allowing for movement by the wheeled load as it is in tow. This eliminates the possibility of torsional and vertical binding. This feature protects the Cart Mule and the loads that it pushes or pulls.

The Monster Mule Can be equipped with snow chains or snow tires for added traction in the snow.  With the Monster Mule's unique pivot system two wheels run independently from the other two wheels giving the Cart Mule 4x4 truck type traction which helps eliminate slippage. giving the operator better control of their carts in slippery weather conditions.  increasing fluoxetine from 20mg to 40mg

Because of the  unique ability to move two different type carts at the same time,  operators are able to quickly drop off a number of carts at one location and continue on to drop off the other remaining carts to another location. This eliminates many extra unnecessary trips, thus saving time and freeing up the associate for other duties.   propranolol used for migraines

with the Monster Cart Mule's low center of gravity, and weight load transfer to the rear wheels the Cart mule is able to keep control of large loads. with two dynamic breakers the Cart mule can stop at as quickly as the operator needs with very heavy loads.

As with all of the Cart Mules the Monster Cart Mule, is in-cased in a fire resistant, rust resistant, UV protected fiberglass cover that has been laboratory tested in the most extreme environments. 

The Monster Cart Mule Push pull combo can be custom designed to fit your specific needs.  cymbalta online pharmacy price

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